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* What should I expect?

* Do I need to know how to dance?

* Am I too old or too young to take Zumba?

* What should I wear?

* What should I bring?

Q: What should I expect? 


A class like you've never taken before! Zumba® is
very different from most fitness classes.

The music and the moves are unique but I guarantee you will love it!

Q: Do I need to know how to dance?


ABSOLUTELY not!!!!! You definitely do not need ANY dance experience at all.

Zumba® is designed so that people of ALL ages, body types, and skill levels can do it.

You do not have to do exactly what the instructor is doing.

There are NO mistakes, the ONLY rule is to KEEP MOVING!!

Q: Am I too young or too old to take Zumba?


Again I say, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I have had students as young as 8 and as seasoned as 65. ANYBODY can do it!!

Q: What should I wear?


You should wear comfortable active clothing that is NOT RESTRICTIVE and BREATHES.

You should also wear COMFORTABLE SHOES, with plenty of cushion and lateral support like an aerobics, cross-training, or court shoe. I would not advise wearing running shoes because they generally have too much tread that restricts movement. Your shoe should have very little to no tread to allow you to move and turn easily.

Q: What should I bring?



Appropriate shoes to Zumba in (see above)

A towel (You will be dripping in sweat!!!!)

A buddy (if you're a little nervous or if you love it so much you want someone else to enjoy it with you!)

A smile and an open mind :)

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